BBC Gateway

The corporation's intranet had become bloated, inconsistent and difficult to navigate. The brief was to redesign and reorganise Gateway so employees can easily complete the tasks they need to do, find information to help them do their jobs and help them understand where they fit as individuals into the organisation.

User Testing

Staff members took part in user testing sessions. I analysed their feedback and highlighted areas that needed improvement.

Sketching & Prototyping

I sketched rough wireframes for key sections. Built prototypes in HTML, Axure and paper.

Initial research

Gateway's users are very varied, ranging from employees who have used the system for years to new starters. The BBC also has a vast amount of staff roles who all use Gateway in very different ways. It was important to try and identify as many different types of users so we could interview them to understand what's important to them. Stats were also a good starting point to undersatnd what are the most popular elements of the current system.